Events in Tekton Triggers

Triggers event controller emits Kubernetes events when EventListener get request to process Triggers. This allows you to monitor and react to what’s happening during execution by retrieving those events using the kubectl get events command.

Events in EventListener

EventListener emit events for the following Reasons:

  • Started: emitted the first time when the EventListener received request.
  • Succeeded: emitted when eventlistener received request and process all triggers request.
  • Done: emitted when its done with eventlistener handler.
  • Failed: emitted if triggers failed to process the request.

Events format

Resource Event Event Type
EventListener Started dev.tekton.event.triggers.started.v1
EventListener Succeed dev.tekton.event.triggers.successful.v1
EventListener Done dev.tekton.event.triggers.done.v1
EventListener Failed dev.tekton.event.triggers.failed.v1

##Note By default Kubernetes events are disabled for EventListener.

To enable Kubernetes events add/update controller.yaml with below arg

      serviceAccountName: tekton-triggers-controller
      - name: tekton-triggers-controller
        image: "ko://"
        args: [
          "-el-events", "enable",

Default value is disable.

To view the events execute below command

kubectl get events