General-Purpose, Web-Based UI

This document is a work in progress.


Tekton provides a component, Tekton Dashboard, as a general-purpose, web-based UI for Tekton Pipelines, which allows developers to:

  • View and manage taskRuns and pipelineRuns
  • View and manage resources associated with taskRuns and pipelineRuns in their creation, execution, and completion


To install the latest release of Tekton Dashboard, run the command below:

kubectl apply --filename https://github.com/tektoncd/dashboard/releases/latest/download/tekton-dashboard-release.yaml

To install the latest release of Tekton Dashboard, run the command below:

kubectl apply --filename https://github.com/tektoncd/dashboard/releases/latest/download/openshift-tekton-dashboard-release.yaml

It may take a few moments before the installation completes. You can check the progress with the following command:

kubectl get pods --namespace tekton-pipelines

Confirm that every component listed has the status Running.


Tekton Dashboard is accessible through its cluster IP type service with a reverse proxy. Run the following command:

kubectl proxy --port=8080

And you can open the dashboard in your browser under the address


It is also possible to set up port forwarding with Tekton Dashboard:

kubectl --namespace tekton-pipelines port-forward svc/tekton-dashboard 9097:9097

Once set up, the dashboard is available in the browser under the address localhost:9097.

What’s next

Tekton Dashboard provides many features such as Webhook extension (for setting up a GitHub repository with a Tekton pipeline in the UI), TLS support, and Ingress support. For more information, see the Tekton Dashboard GitHub repository.

Last modified April 6, 2020: fix dashboard doc links and port (e13567c)