Tekton Controllers flags

The different controllers tektoncd/pipeline ships comes with a set of flags that can be changed (in the yaml payloads) for advanced use cases. This page is documenting them.

Common set of flags

The following flags are available on all “controllers”, aka controller, webhook, events and resolvers.

        If true, adds the file directory to the header of the log messages
        log to standard error as well as files (no effect when -logtostderr=true)
  -cluster string
        Defaults to the current cluster in kubeconfig.
        Whether to disable high-availability functionality for this component.  This flag will be deprecated and removed when we have promoted this feature to stable, so do not pass it without filing an issue upstream!
  -kube-api-burst int
        Maximum burst for throttle.
  -kube-api-qps float
        Maximum QPS to the server from the client.
  -kubeconfig string
        Path to a kubeconfig. Only required if out-of-cluster.
  -log_backtrace_at value
        when logging hits line file:N, emit a stack trace
  -log_dir string
        If non-empty, write log files in this directory (no effect when -logtostderr=true)
  -log_file string
        If non-empty, use this log file (no effect when -logtostderr=true)
  -log_file_max_size uint
        Defines the maximum size a log file can grow to (no effect when -logtostderr=true). Unit is megabytes. If the value is 0, the maximum file size is unlimited. (default 1800)
        log to standard error instead of files (default true)
        If true, only write logs to their native severity level (vs also writing to each lower severity level; no effect when -logtostderr=true)
  -server string
        The address of the Kubernetes API server. Overrides any value in kubeconfig. Only required if out-of-cluster.
        If true, avoid header prefixes in the log messages
        If true, avoid headers when opening log files (no effect when -logtostderr=true)
  -stderrthreshold value
        logs at or above this threshold go to stderr when writing to files and stderr (no effect when -logtostderr=true or -alsologtostderr=false) (default 2)
  -v value
        number for the log level verbosity
  -vmodule value
        comma-separated list of pattern=N settings for file-filtered logging


The main controller binary has additional flags to configure its behavior.

  -entrypoint-image string
        The container image containing our entrypoint binary.
  -namespace string
        Namespace to restrict informer to. Optional, defaults to all namespaces.
  -nop-image string
        The container image used to stop sidecars
  -resync-period duration
        The period between two resync run (going through all objects) (default 10h0m0s)
  -shell-image string
        The container image containing a shell
  -shell-image-win string
        The container image containing a windows shell
  -sidecarlogresults-image string
        The container image containing the binary for accessing results.
  -threads-per-controller int
        Threads (goroutines) to create per controller (default 2)
  -workingdirinit-image string
        The container image containing our working dir init binary.