Experimental Features

This doc covers experimental features in Tekton Chains.

Currently, experimental features include:

Transparency Log Support

Chains supports automatic binary uploads to a transparency log and defaults to using Rekor. If enabled, all signatures and attestations will be logged. The entry ID will be appended as an annotation on a TaskRun once Chains has uploaded it:

chains.tekton.dev/transparency: https://rekor.sigstore.dev/7599

Enabling Transparency Log Support

To enable, run:

kubectl patch configmap chains-config -n tekton-chains -p='{"data":{"transparency.enabled": "true"}}'

Right now, Chains default to storing entries in Rekor (https://rekor.sigstore.dev). To customize where entries are stored, run:

kubectl patch configmap chains-config -n tekton-chains -p='{"data":{"transparency.url": "<YOUR URL>"}}'

Keyless Signing Mode

Chains also supports a keyless signing mode with Fulcio, sigstore’s free root certificate authority.

In this mode, instead of setting up a signing key, Chains would request an identity token from the cluster it is running in. This identity token will be used to authorize a Fulcio certificate for a Tekton artifact (OCI image or TaskRun). Currently, this experimental feature only works on a GKE cluster with Workload Identity configured (Workload Identity is required for Chains to be able to request an identity token).

Once Chains has successfully requested a certificate, it will store the cert as a base64 encoded annotation on the TaskRun, along with the payload and signature.

This can look like:

Annotations:  chains.tekton.dev/cert-taskrun-57e7ef8e-13fb-4d27-af6e-dc4d68f73cc4:
              chains.tekton.dev/signed: true
              chains.tekton.dev/transparency: https://rekor.sigstore.dev/7599
              pipeline.tekton.dev/release: v0.25.0

Enabling Keyless Signing Mode

To enable singing with Fulcio, run:

kubectl patch configmap chains-config -n tekton-chains -p='{"data":{"signers.x509.fulcio.enabled": "true"}}'

Last modified January 1, 0001