Result Watcher

The Result Watcher is a Kubernetes Controller that watches for changes to certain Tekton types and automatically creates/updates their data in the Result API.

Supported Types

The Watcher currently supports the following types:

  • TaskRun
  • PipelineRun

Result Grouping

The Watcher uses Object data to automatically detect and group related Records into the same Result. The following data is checked (listed in order of precedence):

  • annotation. This should correspond to the full identifier (e.g. foo/results/bar).
  • label (this is generated from Objects created via Tekton Triggers)
  • An OwnerReference to a PipelineRun.

If no annotation is detected, the Watcher will automatically generate a new Result name for the Object.

Passing arbitrary key/values to Results

Users and/or integrators can pass arbitrary keys/values to Results by adding special annotations to PipelineRuns and TaskRuns:

  • a JSON object (string->string) to be stored into thee Result.Annotations field.
  • a JSON object (string->string) to be stored into thee Result.Summary.Annotations field.

Once the Watcher detects those annotations in the observed object, it passes the keys/values to the respective fields of the underlying Result. Those annotations can be used to store relevant metadata (e.g. the Git commit SHA that triggered a PipelineRun) into Results and may be used later to retrieve the objects from the API server. For instance:

kind: PipelineRun
  generateName: hello-run-
  annotations: |-
            {"repo": "tektoncd/results", "commit": "1a6b908"} |-
            {"foo": "bar"}

Resource Deletion

When the command line flag is completed_run_grace_period is set to any value other than 0, resources will be deleted after the specified duration in the flag, calculated from the time of completion. If the value is < 0, Runs will be deleted immediately after completion or failure.

The flag check_owner allows additional check before deleting a resource. If set true, resources with any owner references set will not be deleted. When the flag is false, owner references will be not be checked before deletion.