Formatting conventions

Formatting conventions for Tekton documentation

Tekton documentation uses Markdown to format the content. See the CommonMark tutorial to learn the basics.

Tekton markdown formatting conventions:

  • Lists

    • Capitalize the first word for each item.
    • Don’t put a period at the end of each item in lists containing only nouns or single-word items.
    • Use sentence punctuation in any other case.
  • Code Format

    • Use code formatting when referencing API objects, commands, files and directories.

    • Use angle brackets for placeholders such as variables. For example:

      kubectl apply -f <pipeline-file>
  • Markdown files

    • Hard-wrap the file lines so they are not longer than 80 characters.
    • Use reference-style links if the URL in the link is too long. There’s no specific URL length, use your best judgement to keep markdown files readable.

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