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Contribution guidelines

If you would like to contribute to Tekton documentation, we’re happy to have your help! Anyone can contribute, whether you’re new to the project or you’ve been around a long time, and whether you self-identify as a developer, an end user, or someone who just can’t stand seeing typos.

Contribution types

You can request an improvement by filing an issue or update the documentation yourself by filing a pull request against the relevant Tekton repository.

Here’s how we handle different types of documentation work:

  • A quick fix, such as a typo or a simple clarification, can typically be submitted directly in a pull request.
  • A larger change, such as updating an existing page or creating a brand new page, needs to be tracked by an issue. You can either request the update in the issue, or submit the update using a pull request linked to the issue.

Contribution process

Example: “I want to update the Smurfcaptor tutorial for Tekton.”

If you’re making a quick fix, such as a typo, or adding a few words of clarification, simply submit a pull request against the relevant Tekton repository. If you’re submitting a larger change, also create an issue that describes the new or updated content and link the pull request to it.

Note: If you’re creating a new page, make sure to include its proposed location within the Tekton documentation set.

Assign the pull request and if applicable, the accompanying issue to one of the Tekton website approvers. The pull request then goes through technical and editorial review, and is published on the Tekton documentation website. Depending on our current workload, the review may take some time. Once the review is complete, the pull request is published to the Tekton documentation site.

Documentation contributions should be technically accurate and easy to understand. See the rest of this guide to learn how to produce clear, concise, and informative documentation.

Requesting a documentation improvement

Example: “You should document Tekton integration with Smurfcaptor.”

If you found a problem with Tekton documentation but can’t fix it yourself, you can request a documentation improvement by creating an issue against the relevant Tekton repository

We evaluate the need to determine the scope of the requested content and an estimated delivery time based on our current workload. We then place the issue in the documentation queue.

Once a pull request is created that addresses the issue, it goes through technical and editorial review, and is published on the Tekton documentation website.

Submitting a documentation change

Submit a documentation change by opening a pull request against the relevant Tekton repository. Documentation for each project is stored in the docs directory within the repository.

Tekton documentation is mirrored on the Tekton website with the GitHub repositories acting as the source of truth. If you are adding a new page to a project’s documentation, you must also add it to the website’s configuration so that it’s picked up by the synchronization script and appears in the navigation tree in the “Documentation” section. Depending on the content you’re adding, you may also want to add links to your new page to existing Tekton documentation.

I need help!

If you’re not sure how to address a certain documentation issue, join the #docs channel on the Tekton Slack and ask!

Content guidelines

Content guidelines for Tekton documentation

Formatting conventions

Formatting conventions for Tekton documentation

Platform-specific documentation

Content guidelines for documents describing how to use Tekton with a particular cloud service

Run the site locally

Run the Tekton documentation site locally

Tips and tricks for good writing

Tips and tricks to write high quality documentation

Create a blog post

Contributions to the Tekton blog are welcome!

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