This doc provides a list of features in Tekton Pipelines that are deprecated or recently removed.

Deprecation Table

The following features are deprecated but have not yet been removed.

Deprecated Features Deprecation Announcement API Compatibility Policy Earliest Date or Release of Removal
Several fields of Task.Step are deprecated v0.36.0 Beta Feb 25, 2023
ClusterTask is deprecated v0.41.0 Beta July 13, 2023
pipelineRef.bundle and taskRef.bundle are deprecated v0.41.0 Alpha July 13, 2023
The config-trusted-resources configMap is deprecated v0.45.0 Alpha v0.46.0

Removed features

The features listed below have been removed but may still be supported in releases that have not reached their EOL.

Removed Feature Removal Pull Request Removal Date Latest LTS Release with Support EOL of Supported Release
The PipelineRun.Status.TaskRuns and PipelineRun.Status.Runs fields and the embedded-status feature flag along with their functionalities have been tombstoned since v0.45. [TEP100] Remove Taskruns and Runs Fields for PipelineRunStatus Jan 25, 2023 v0.44.0 Jan 24, 2024
PipelineResources are removed, along with the components of the API that rely on them as proposed in TEP-0074. See Removed PipelineResources related features for more info. [TEP074] Remove Generic PipelineResources with Rest of Resources Types Mar 8, 2023 v0.44.0 Jan 24, 2024
v1alpha1 Runs are removed, as proposed in TEP-0114, along with the feature flags enable-custom-task and custom-task-version. TEP-0114: Remove support for v1alpha1.Run April 7, 2023 v0.44.0 Jan 24, 2024

The following features are removed as part of the deprecation of PipelineResources. See TEP-0074 for more information.