This doc provides a list of features in Tekton Pipelines that are being deprecated.

Deprecation Table

Feature Being Deprecated Deprecation Announcement API Compatibility Policy Earliest Date or Release of Removal
PipelineResources are deprecated. v0.30.0 Alpha Dec 20 2021
The PipelineRun.Status.TaskRuns and PipelineRun.Status.Runs fields; the full and both embedded-status values along with their functionalities are deprecated and will be removed in v0.45. v0.35.0 Beta Jan 25, 2023
PipelineRun.Timeout is deprecated and will be removed v0.36.0 Beta Feb 25, 2023
Several fields of Task.Step are deprecated v0.36.0 Beta Feb 25, 2023
v1alpha1.Run is deprecated v0.43.0 Alpha April 10, 2023 or v0.47.0
ClusterTask is deprecated v0.41.0 Beta July 13, 2023
pipelineRef.bundle and taskRef.bundle are deprecated v0.41.0 Alpha July 13, 2023
taskrun.status.cloudEvents are deprecated v0.44.0 Alpha Oct 11, 2023