Matrix is used to fan out Tasks in a Pipeline. This doc will explain the details of matrix support in Tekton.

🌱 Matrix is an alpha feature. The enable-api-fields feature flag must be set to "alpha" to specify Matrix in a PipelineTask.

⚠️ This feature is in a preview mode. It is still in a very early stage of development and is not yet fully functional.

Configuring a Matrix

A Matrix supports the following features:


The Matrix will take Parameters of type "array" only, which will be supplied to the PipelineTask by substituting Parameters of type "string" in the underlying Task. The names of the Parameters in the Matrix must match the names of the Parameters in the underlying Task that they will be substituting.

In the example below, the test Task takes browser and platform Parameters of type "string". A Pipeline used to fan out the Task using Matrix would have two Parameters of type "array", and it would execute nine TaskRuns:

kind: Pipeline
  name: platform-browser-tests
    - name: platforms
      type: array
        - linux
        - mac
        - windows
    - name: browsers
      type: array
        - chrome
        - safari
        - firefox    
  - name: fetch-repository
      name: git-clone
  - name: test
      - name: platform
        value: $(params.platforms)
      - name: browser
        value: $(params.browsers)
      name: browser-test

A Parameter can be passed to either the matrix or params field, not both.

For further details on specifying Parameters in the Pipeline and passing them to PipelineTasks, see documentation.

Context Variables

Similarly to the Parameters in the Params field, the Parameters in the Matrix field will accept context variables that will be substituted, including:

  • PipelineRun name, namespace and uid
  • Pipeline name
  • PipelineTask retries


Specifying Results in a Matrix

Consuming Results from previous TaskRuns or Runs in a Matrix, which would dynamically generate TaskRuns or Runs from the fanned out PipelineTask, is not yet supported. This dynamic fan out of PipelineTasks through consuming Results will be supported soon.

Results from fanned out PipelineTasks

Consuming Results from fanned out PipelineTasks will not be in the supported in the initial iteration of Matrix. Supporting consuming Results from fanned out PipelineTasks will be revisited after array and object Results are supported.

Last modified January 1, 0001