Tekton Addon

TektonAddon custom resource allows user to install resource like clusterTasks and pipelineTemplate along with Pipelines.

NOTE: TektonAddon is currently available only for OpenShift Platform. This is roadmap to enable it for Kubernetes platform.

It is recommended to install the components through TektonConfig.

The TektonAddon CR is as below:

apiVersion: operator.tekton.dev/v1alpha1
kind: TektonAddon
  name: addon
  targetNamespace: openshift-pipelines
  - name: clusterTasks
    value: "true"
  - name: pipelineTemplates
    value: "true"

You can install this component using TektonConfig by choosing appropriate profile.


params provide a way to enable/disable the installation of resources. Available params are

  • clusterTasks (Default: true)
  • pipelineTemplates (Default: true)

User can disable the installation of resources by changing the value to false.

Pipelines templates uses clustertasks in them so to install pipelineTemplates, clusterTasks must be true.