Tekton Pipeline Remote Resolution

Remote Resolution is a Tekton beta feature that allows users to fetch tasks and pipelines from remote sources outside the cluster. Tekton provides a few built-in resolvers that can fetch from git repositories, OCI registries etc as well as a framework for writing custom resolvers.

Remote Resolution was initially created as a separate project in TEP-060 and migrated into the core pipelines project in #4710.

Getting Started Tutorial

For new users getting started with Tekton Pipeline remote resolution, check out the resolution-getting-started.md tutorial.

Configuring Built-in Resolvers

These resolvers are enabled by setting the appropriate feature flag in the resolvers-feature-flags ConfigMap in the tekton-pipelines-resolvers namespace. See the section in install.md for details.

The default resolver type can be configured by the default-resolver-type field in the config-defaults ConfigMap (alpha feature). See additional-configs.md for details.

Developer Howto: Writing a Resolver From Scratch

For a developer getting started with writing a new Resolver, see how-to-write-a-resolver.md and the accompanying resolver-template.

Resolver Reference: The interfaces and methods to implement

For a table of the interfaces and methods a resolver must implement along with those that are optional, see resolver-reference.md.

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