Execution Logs

Tekton stores execution logs for TaskRuns and PipelineRuns within the Pod holding the containers that run the Steps for your TaskRun or PipelineRun.

You can get execution logs using one of the following methods:

  • Get the logs directly from the Pod. For example, you can use the kubectl as follows:

    # Get the Pod name from the TaskRun instance.
    kubectl get taskruns -o yaml | grep podName
    # Or, get the Pod name from the PipelineRun.
    kubectl get pipelineruns -o yaml | grep podName
    # Get the logs for all containers in the Pod.
    kubectl logs $POD_NAME --all-containers
    # Or, get the logs for a specific container in the Pod.
    kubectl logs $POD_NAME -c $CONTAINER_NAME
    kubectl logs $POD_NAME -c step-run-kubectl
  • Get the logs using Tekton’s tkn CLI.

  • Get the logs using Tekton Dashboard.

  • Configure an external service to consume and display the logs. For example, ElasticSearch, Beats, and Kibana.