Hermetic Execution Mode

A Hermetic Build is a release engineering best practice for increasing the reliability and consistency of software builds. They are self-contained, and do not depend on anything outside of the build environment. This means they do not have network access, and cannot fetch dependencies at runtime.

When hermetic execution mode is enabled, all TaskRun steps will be run without access to a network. Note: hermetic execution mode does NOT apply to sidecar containers

Hermetic execution mode is currently an alpha experimental feature.

Enabling Hermetic Execution Mode

To enable hermetic execution mode:

  1. Make sure enable-api-fields is set to "alpha" in the feature-flags configmap, see install.md for details
  2. Set the following annotation on any TaskRun you want to run hermetically:
experimental.tekton.dev/execution-mode: hermetic

Sample Hermetic TaskRun

This example TaskRun demonstrates running a container in a hermetic environment.

The Step attempts to install curl, but this step SHOULD FAIL if the hermetic environment is working as expected.

kind: TaskRun
apiVersion: tekton.dev/v1beta1
  generateName: hermetic-should-fail
    experimental.tekton.dev/execution-mode: hermetic
  timeout: 60s
    - name: hermetic
      image: ubuntu
      script: |
        #!/usr/bin/env bash
        apt-get update
        apt-get install -y curl        

Further Details

To learn more about hermetic execution mode, check out the TEP.