Install and set up Tekton Triggers

This document shows you how to install and set up Tekton Triggers.



  1. Log on to your Kubernetes cluster with the same user account that installed Tekton Pipelines.

  2. Depending on which version of Tekton Triggers you want to install, run one of the following commands:

    • Latest official release

      kubectl apply --filename \
      kubectl apply --filename \
    • Nightly release

      kubectl apply --filename \
      kubectl apply --filename \
    • Specific Release

      kubectl apply --filename \
      kubectl apply --filename \

      Replace VERSION_NUMBER with the numbered version you want to install. For example, v0.19.1.

    • Untagged Release

      If your container runtime does not support image-reference:tag@digest (for example, cri-o used in OpenShift 4.x):

      kubectl apply --filename \
      kubectl apply --filename \
  3. To monitor the installation, run:

    kubectl get pods --namespace tekton-pipelines --watch

    When all components show 1/1 under the READY column, the installation is complete. Hit Ctrl + C to stop monitoring.

Customization options

You can customize the behavior of the Triggers Controller changing some values in the config/feature-flags-triggers.yaml file.

  • Enable alpha features. Set the value of enable-api-fields: to "alpha", the default value is "stable". This flag only applies to the v1beta1 API version.

  • Exclude labels. Set the labels-exclusion-pattern: field to a regex pattern. Labels that match this pattern are excluded from getting added to the resources created by the EventListener. By default this field is empty, so all labels added to the EventListener are propagated down.

Further reading