Installing Tekton Triggers

Use this page to add the component to an existing Kubernetes cluster.


  1. A Kubernetes cluster version 1.15 or later (if you don’t have an existing cluster):

    # Example cluster creation command on GKE
    gcloud container clusters create $CLUSTER_NAME \
  2. Grant cluster-admin permissions to the current user:

    kubectl create clusterrolebinding cluster-admin-binding \
    --clusterrole=cluster-admin \
    --user=$(gcloud config get-value core/account)

    _See Role-based access control for more information_.

  3. Install Tekton Pipelines. You can install the latest version using the command below or follow the pipeline installation guide:

    kubectl apply --filename


The versions of Tekton Triggers available are:

Installing Tekton Triggers

To add the Tekton Triggers component to an existing cluster:

  1. Run the kubectl apply command to install Tekton Triggers and its dependencies:

    kubectl apply --filename

    Previous versions will be available at previous/$VERSION_NUMBER, e.g.

  2. Run the kubectl get command to monitor the Tekton Triggers components until all of the components show a STATUS of Running:

    kubectl get pods --namespace tekton-pipelines

    Tip: Instead of running the kubectl get command multiple times, you can append the --watch flag to view the component’s status updates in real time. Use CTRL + C to exit watch mode.

You are now ready to create and run Tekton Triggers:

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